Grace….Not Perfection

I won’t lie when I say that I am having so much fun with my new position at FCN. I also won’t lie when I say, we have to make it to Christmas….just two weeks to go! I knew coming in to the job there was going to be a ton to do. Now it’s right on the battle field and working hard at accomplishing things. As a church we have been extremely blessed with the love shown in our members and the funds available for us to get our new “concert” ( I know using that world with a much older crowd can draw some eyebrows…but for the younger ages it makes perfect sense) lights installed in the sanctuary as well as two new side screens and not one computer in the back…but FOUR computers. And I’m in charge of making sure they are doing what they are meant to. Talk about a TON OF RESPONSIBILITY. Also talk about the timing here….we have been able to pull it off taking on this huge task even when the original plans we weren’t going to get to this point until after the first of the year. So now we are working tough days to prepare for our big “Beautiful Things” Christmas service this coming week! It is going to be phenomenal! With this new equipment my job is a ProPresenter junkies dream! I won’t get into the nerdy details even though I am so excited! But think of this; video playing in the middle screens (or all three!!!) Two different motion backgrounds that fit together playing at the same time from three screens!

And then there are LIGHTS.  

Yes, lights…which we have to program before each service. Cool things…yet challenging. THEN TO TOP THIS ALL OFF, we have our INFUSE Cozy Christmas Party (one of my favorite events to plan for the group!!!) in one week from TOMORROW.


All I can say when people aks how I am or what’s going on….is BUSY BUSY BUSY. Yet, at the same time I am working at keeping myself from going nuts! I have found a tiny balance (still working on it) of getting work done, laughing and having too much fun with my best friends a.k.a. the crazy guy’s I have to work with each day and working at making disciples with our youth and the people I interact with each day 🙂 So keeping one at a pace of GRACE and not PERFECTION can really help in day’s like these. Yes I strive to always get the job done better then it needs to be….but it is also important for me to learn from such tasks and to take it one thing at a time (during my multi-tasking”ness”) and making memories instead of wondering where the time went. 

Feelings from a busy girl living in an exciting world. 

#shespeakstruth  <<< this is my new favorite hashtag. 

OK. Thanks. Bye 🙂

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